Old Told China's President To Lose Some Weight—and Censors Shut Him Down — Quartz

These days, there are general dietary recommendations which apply to everyone: not too much fat, not too much sugar, low alcohol intake and natural, high-fibre foods. Exercise also burns the body's glycogen stores, which are essentially carbohydrates. This means that after a workout, you can eat a little more carbs than you otherwise can permit yourself, without negative effects on insulin or fat storage. Also, don't forget that the non-weight-related health effects of exercise are quite impressive.

Despite many small cross‐sectional studies, the long‐term impact of weight ideals on actual weight is poorly understood. A community‐based longitudinal study found that the relationships between body size perception and subsequent weight gain vary by objectively measured body size at baseline 17 Women with obesity who perceived themselves as having obesity lost weight, whereas those who perceived themselves as normal weight gained weight 17 However, findings from this American study are yet to be replicated in other populations.

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