How Do You Stay Fit And Healthy In This Country?? (Riyadh)

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Functional Medicine in New England New England Center for Functional Medicine Christopher Keroack, MD IFMCP helps patients truly reach their full potential and optimal health by personalizing plans for each individual. And cash for weight loss isn't the only financial incentive for health-making headlines. A recent study published in The European Journal of Health Economics found that gay men in Mexico City would pledge to take regular HIV tests and attend regular safe-sex talks to stay HIV free for an average of $288 a year. Male prostitutes in Mexico City said they would do the same for $156 a year.

In the study, the researchers put a group of mice on a high-fat diet. They were mostly looking at the mice's gut microbiomes , the plethora of bacteria that live in the intestines and affect everything from how the mouse breaks down food, to which diseases its immune to. (The human microbiome works similarly.) The mice that ate G. lucidum extract in their high-fat food had a noticeable change in their microbiomes—they no longer had the bacterial imbalance characteristic of obesity, and their body weight dropped, too. The researchers were able to recreate the same effect when they gave the obese mice a fecal transplant from the mice that consumed the mushroom extract.

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