Keto Diet Is Helpful For Losing Weight


Lose Weight Easily With EMS Fitness In Dubai. We included studies that reported the consumption of water as a beverage with a measured or estimated intake period of ≥1 d. Thus, we excluded studies that investigated only the total fluid intake or the energy density of food and beverages and experimental studies in which varying amounts of water were added to food. Any weight-related outcomes, such as body weight, BMI, body circumferences, classification of weight status (eg, overweight and obesity), and measures of body fat or lean mass, were considered.

Among the participants not intending to lose weight, those who gained weight showed excess mortality compared with those with stable weight (HR = 1.0), with the HR being 1.64 (CI 1.12-2.42). Those who lost weight did not differ significantly from those with stable weight, the corresponding HR being 1.19 (CI 0.83-1.72). This pattern of mortality was apparent throughout the follow-up period ( Figure 3 ).

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