Lose Weight Fast

Your No B.S. Guide To Losing Weight In The New Year

There are many ways to lose a lot of weight fast. While Scotland is better known for its whisky, Stobo Castle, about 25 miles north of Edinburgh, is a beautiful place to shave off a few pounds (and gaze at sheep through your bedroom window). This baronial 19th-century castle boasts a Japanese water garden, tennis courts and a Dead Sea flotarium-which, in case you're curious, is a pool where guests float in mineral-rich Dead Sea water. Prices are approximately $360 per night, but may vary slightly with the exchange rate. Stobo offers more than 70 health and beauty treatments in the glass-rooftop enclosed spa area. Of course, the one surefire weight-loss solution they don't include is the all-haggis diet.

For example, if you would like to lose 20 pounds over a 6 month period, and you wager $20 per month, you will have to pay $120 total. If you lose the weight, you will get your wager amounts back plus your winnings. Depending on how difficult your goal would be for you to reach, they could offer different amounts for your winnings. If you do not reach your goal, you lose $120.

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