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These types of obesity operations have been preformed in Iceland since 2000 with a high success rate, up to 90% of patients have shed 80 - 90% of excess weight after the operation. This may be the main factor that can restore trust in the financial system, but it's not the only one. For one thing, the crisis of 2014-2016 was passed without instituting a ban on the withdrawal of deposits, a harsh measure that limited depositor freedom during the worldwide financial crisis of 2008-2009. Secondly, the Personal Deposit Guarantee Fund has been slowly paying out all the depositors of bankrupt banks within the UAH 200,000 cap. This is important because it shows that the government is becoming more responsible. Finally, there is talk about gradually raising the guaranteed amount to €100,000, which is standard in most EU countries. This demonstrates both greater responsibility on the part of state and hopefully will build trust over time, although it will not ease the damage suffered by those who had accounts in bankrupt banks over 2014-2016. And so, even if trust in domestic banks is still relatively low, the conditions for this trust to rise are being put in place.

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Until a wonder drug arrives, doctors will insist that drugs should be taken only by people who are dangerously obese, and for whom diet and exercise—the only sure cures—have failed. That means that the largest chunk of the market will remain low-calorie food and drinks. Diet sodas account for almost half of the American slimming business. In America, the market is mature, growing at a slothful pace of 2-3% per year. Growth in emerging economies such as China, however, is rapid. Sales of Diet Coke in Asia (excluding Japan) surged by almost 50% over the past five years.

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