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Our all-inclusive Mexico bariatric surgery program helps people get access to gastric bypass (RYGB), gastric balloon, and gastric sleeve (VSG) in Tijuana , Cancun and other places south of the US border at discounted prices. Exercising and eating less were the two most common weight-loss strategies , each employed by about 63% of people trying to lose weight. Many people also said they were trying to eat more produce and drink more water, and cut back on junk food, fast food or sweets. The vast majority of people trying to lose weight (88%) said they used two or more of these or other strategies.

Rather than continuing down the Biggest Loser-like path of extreme transformation, the hotel officially eschewed the proliferation of radical reboot" treatments that were trending across the planet—goodbye Atkins, and goodbye juice cleanses—at the Sofitel, changing one's lifestyle was no longer about punishment, and the path to healthy living wasn't a self-inflicted gauntlet of torture.

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