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These types of obesity operations have been preformed in Iceland since 2000 with a high success rate, up to 90% of patients have shed 80 - 90% of excess weight after the operation. There was no statistically significant difference between years 2002, 2006, and 2010 in the prevalence rates of using specific weight control practices among overweight adolescents who had tried to control their weight (Table 6 ). The most common indicated weight control practices were exercising (>85%), eating fewer sweets (>84%) and less fat (>75%), and drinking fewer soft drinks (>74%). Throughout the study, a higher proportion of overweight girls than boys, who have tried to control their weight, indicated to have used all the specific weight control practices with exception of skipping meals and eating fewer sweets in 2006. However, statistically significant differences between genders were found only in eating smaller portions in 2002 and 2010, and smoking more in 2006.

French women don't step on the scale each morning. Instead, use the fit of a tight pair of pants (what Mireille calls the Zipper Syndrome) or a tape measure to stay on track. This is the ideal way to watch one's weight, because scales can't take into account muscle or normal weight fluctuations during the month.

For cleansing: It's also great for getting rid of any harmful toxins and chemicals in your body. This is down to the fermentation process, as this is when the natural sugars and microorganisms that remove any toxins from your blood are produced. This will not only make you feel better but will also help prevent breakouts as you'll have fewer impurities in your bloodstream that normally exit via your skin. The microorganisms will also increase your body's production of healthy bacteria which will aid digestion and combat bloating.

People seek health information from diverse sources. Chinese people obtain such information from sources such as health professionals, mass media, the Internet, and personal relationships (e.g., friends and family) 8 However, information sources differ in their level of credibility and reliability. One study revealed that approximately 90% of pregnant Chinese women have Internet access, and most of them (89%) obtain pregnancy-related information during the early stages of their pregnancies 9 However, a meta-analysis indicated that 70% of on-line sources have problems pertaining to information quality, such as accuracy, completeness, and the availability of references 10 To develop an effective weight control education program, it is critical to examine the sources of information on weight control methods that Korean-Chinese students use.

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