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How To Lose Weight Fast (And Safely)

Jennifer did bet $150 for ten months so that she would lose 100 pounds. If you hate the food you will inevitably lose weight just from avoidance. In Australia or the US, it's so easy to get what you want, when you want it. But there are other large parts of the world where if you don't eat seafood then you'll be eating noodles or rice and that's it.

This result is also congruent with other studies. (8, 20) One of the explanations of increasing obesity among married females is related to pregnancy and multiparity. The fertility rate of the women in the gulf region is very high and the spacing between pregnancies is short, resulting in accumulation of fat in the body. (8) Also our study proved that obesity rate is increasing among females with lower education. This finding is congruent with the study of Musaiger, 2003 (21) who related this observation to physical inactivity. Another explanation may be related to less information about healthy diet.

Follow your body's clock: Humans are creatures of habit and TCM fully supports this. By following your body's natural rhythms, digestion and energy is supported at its fullest. Chinese Medicine has it's own clock that represents optimal body function. For example, eat a hearty breakfast and TCM says 7 to 9 a.m. is the best time for digestion. Eat a medium sized lunch, and early, light dinner as TCM suggests 5pm is best time for dinner.

At the same time, the proportion of obese and overweight black women surged much more than for white women, the study also found. By the end of the final study period, 79 percent of black women were overweight or obese, compared with 59 percent of white women.

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