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Losing weight the French way is a lifestyle, not a diet. Because of recruitment from university staff and from women who were referred for densitometry to a hospital, the sample population cannot be regarded as representative of Croatian women. Because only 44 of 120 women drank any mineral water as reported by the authors on request, the interpretation of the observed positive association was further limited. It is important to stress that consumption of only mineral water and not of other water types, such as tap water, was assessed, most likely because of the primary research question regarding bone mineral density. Thus, conclusions on the association between total dietary water consumption and body weight outcomes cannot be drawn from this study.

One cup of kibble per day is usually adequate food for a Finnish Spitz. This is not a lot of food for a dog their size. All dogs are individuals though so the only way to know if you are feeding the right amount (not too much or too little) is to feel the dog's body. Most literature says you should be able to find the ribs. But if a breed has a particularly thick coat, like the Finnish Spitz, sometimes if you can feel the ribs the dog is actually too thin. So rather than feel the ribs I recommend feeling for the top of the pelvic bones. These are two knobby bones on either side of the top of the hips, just under the root of the tail. You should be able to feel these two bones without there being a dip between them. If it is too hollow between the two knobs then the dog is too thin.

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