The Painful Business Of Losing Weight

Slimming World

Dubai has devised a rather unorthodox plan to incentivize its citizens to lose weight: Shed pounds, and we'll give you some gold. The French diet adheres to many traditional diet guidelines. Consider the modern french diet compares to the french diet from the 1800's… or even 1600's! We find the commonalities of seasonal and varied produce, artisan breads, local dairy products, and plenty of vitamin-rich organ meats and animal fats.

Muscle loss when dieting is the main reason for the yo-yo effect. With less muscle, your body needs fewer calories, so when you start eating normally again you regain the weight faster than you lost it. Strength training will ensure that you retain your muscle and even build more, which makes it easier to maintain your weight when you start eating normally again.

In 2000 Slimming World pioneered the first-ever NHS weight management referral scheme, enabling health professionals to refer overweight patients to Slimming World groups to manage their weight. Slimming World now works in partnership with a range of health providers and we currently have around 90 weight loss referral schemes in place. The cost of these is subsidised by Slimming World. Studies show that NHS patients who are referred lose an average of 4% of their body weight in 12 weeks; this increases to 5.5% for those who attend at least 10 out of the 12 sessions.

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