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Dawn French's weight loss has never been portrayed as anything but a product of hard work and dedication. Herbal companies claim that licorice capsules are useful for conditions such as indigestion, premenstrual discomfort, menopause, fatigue, respiratory support and the reduction of aches, pains and fevers. In contrast, skin creams containing licorice derivatives are used for lightening age spots and other uneven skin color. In 2003, Israeli researchers reported that licorice derivatives glabrene and isoliquiritigenin are successful in minimizing these problems and inhibiting pigmentation.

The intervention program was based on behavior change strategies previously used successfully with English-speaking participants in the PREMIER ( 16 ) and Weight Loss Maintenance trials ( 17 , 18 ). These strategies were based on principles derived from social cognitive theory ( 19 ) and techniques of behavioral self-management ( 20 ), which emphasize the importance of the individual's ability to regulate behavior by setting goals, developing specific behavior-change plans, monitoring progress, and developing problem-solving skills necessary to achieve the goals. The dietary and physical activity recommendations in the De Por Vida program were consistent with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans ( 21 ).

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