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Obesity means having a 30 or higher BMI which is calculated from a person's height and weight providing a reasonably accurate indicator of body weight and fatness. Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that everyone should follow a low-carb, high-protein Atkins-like diet—or the currently trendy Dukan Diet. What I'm suggesting is to eat half of the bread, or the rice or the pasta, you'd normally have, plus extra veggies on the side to fill you up! (Choosing whole grains, which generally contain more fiber, will also help you feel fuller for longer.) To lose the extra weight I gained while pregnant with each of my boys, I started having one slice of bakery bread spread with peanut butter instead of two for breakfast.

At baseline, 7.6% of men and 20.8% of women aged 18-29 y and 18.8% of men and 26.8% of women aged 30-54 y reported weight-loss attempts. These subjects had significantly higher initial BMIs at baseline than did others in the same sex and age groups. Mean weight changes over 6 y did not differ significantly by reported weight-loss attempts at baseline ( Table 1 ). Mean weight change over 15 y, however, was higher among dieting than among nondieting subjects in 3 of 4 groups; however, these differences were significant only in older women and were nearly significant in younger men (P = 0.07). Mean initial BMIs and weight changes for women with no change in parity were not significantly different from those of all women.

This cohort was initially based on men aged 42-61 living in rural east Finland recruited between March 1998 and December 2001. These men were followed up after 4, 11 and 20 years. At the 11 year follow up, women were added to the study. In total, the cohort consisted of 2,358 people - 1,007 men and 1,351 women from 53 to 74 years old.

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