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There are other minor deviations that bothered me, including the opening Coming to America" sequence—and I wish there could have been some acknowledgement of Shadow's desire to take a bath-but overall, the adaptation is as true to the book as one could hope. Let's hope that future episodes continue that fidelity, unlike, for example, Game of Thrones, which started out true to the source material, but quickly deviated from it in many of the key storylines.

What's a staff? Why is an F" a lower pitch than a G" (within the same octave)? Why are there only 8 notes that keep repeating? A lot of people are attracted to music after hearing performances or listening to the radio. Then they start to dabble with music either vocally or with an instrument without any real understanding of what is happening to create the music, how to read music, or what all the instrument parts are and why they are there. That's fine if you just want to have some fun. I know a lot of people who just mess around with music because they enjoy it, but they have no desire to ever do anything with the music, especially not perform in front of people.

After the Super Bowl, we will have to fill the hours with non-football things (until the NFL Combine, at least) and right on time we have the return of AMC's The Walking Dead this weekend. If you prefer the rush of sports action (and the thrill of high speed crashes in various downhill events) however, the 2014 Winter Olympic Games from Sochi also begin, with the first competition set for 3AM ET Saturday. In the US NBC is broadcasting hours of coverage across its channels (check out the schedule here ), and streaming every event live online (if you have a cable TV subscription). Football fans can get their last taste of the game with the season finales of Inside the NFL and NFL Turning Point, while gamers can check out the Fable Anniversary collection. Check after the break for trailers plus our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and gaming.

Bundy and his band of Billy Bob's have made it clear that they "will shoot" any federal agent or member of law enforcement that tries to arrest or remove them from the federal property that they have illegally seized. This is a perfect example of white privilege in action. Black Lives Matter hasn't come anywhere near such defiance and criminal action. The greatest irony is that the land belongs to the Paiute, not the American ranchers. It is good to see the chickens coming home to roost; here in the "Land of the Free and the Greedy".

TinCam also technically offers a live video streaming option, but in practice it's pretty much crap. The developers of TinCam are pretty up front about this and go out of their way to warn you that you'll more than likely only have luck getting it to work when viewed from a Windows machine running Internet Explorer, and even then, only if the wind is coming up from the south and the moon is just shy of full. But go nuts with it - YMMV. You can simulate a video stream by uploading to your FTP server at a very high refresh rate. You won't get an audio feed, but you'll get something that approximates a live video feed, and it will actually be viewable in a browser that is not Evil.

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