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The Wall has remained the most awe-inspiring landmark in Game of Thrones," but this episode painted its enormity in a new light. Watching Jon, Ygritte, Tormund, and the rest of the wildlings scale The Wall was a pulse-pounding experience. The Climb" gets bonus points for having Littlefinger and Varys' chaos is a ladder" exchange.

There are some great human sign spinners and then all the others. We've been monitoring human sign spinners, wavers, twirlers for a long time and its a difficult thing to watch. It seems they wave a minute and talk on cell phones the rest of the day. They sit a lot or lean on walls and many of them eat, drink and smoke while on the job.

Thank you for your further comments. Mind control certainly is one of the most pervasive and sinister of the silent weapons in use today. I think we have enough links to Michael Tsarion videos though. If readers like him and want more after being exposed to him, they can search him out on YouTube. Too many links has a dilution effect.

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