He Ellen DeGeneres Show (Season 11)

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One of the more intriguing new characters to come out of Cataclysm was Wrathion, who took a curious journey through the Badlands as an egg and emerged with dubious intentions during the rogue legendary quest chain. Since then, Wrathion has led many a player of every class on a merry chase across the wilds of Pandaria in a legendary quest meant not just for rogues, but for all. Wrathion's motives have always been a little unclear, and whether he's working on the side of good, or with slightly more evil intentions, has been up for debate since his first appearance.

On a very surface level, Into the Badlands' first six episodes were enjoyable to watch, if not appointment television. As I mentioned in one of my early episode reviews, AMC's fusion-future setting and story elements felt like a first-year film student had made them, and that didn't really change over the course of Season 1. Usually, the world-building felt like it was stitched together from other, better universes, creating a mismatched patchwork. The acting here was also hit-or-miss, which didn't help things.

Who killed Laura Palmer? That was the question on everyone's lips during 1990 as David Lynch 's bizarre small town mystery unfolded on our screens. A demon called Bob, a little man who talked backward and minor pie fetish were just some of the features on display here. But despite a healthy dose of surrealism everything fell into place. Until the rather less appealing second season, that is, where the question on people's minds was more akin to 'who is Windom Earle and what in God's name is going on?' but that's beside the point. Then, 25 years later, as promised it happened again. A revival series, directed entirely by Lynch, brought back plenty of the original cast for an even darker, even more elliptically weird trip into the uncanny - proving Twin Peaks is still as confounding as it ever was.

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